Ranked a Top 10 haunt in 2012 on hauntedillinois.com

Terror in the Graveyard is back for 2017! This year the graveyard is Bigger! Better! More scenes! More scares! More Terror!


Put some Terror into your October! Some enjoy the thrill and the scares. Some enjoy the entertainment and the celebration of Halloween. We are still trying to go back home to our funeral home downtown, but in the meantime the Terror continues!

Take a walk through an abandoned graveyard leading into a creepy 600' trail in the woods. See the undead from the past and ghost illusions that will send chills up your spine. Terrifying scares, elaborate graveyard related sets, ghost illusions, realistic special effects and creepy detail make this outdoor event a unique haunting experience! Brought to you by the crew that has had a top haunt in Illinois for 25 years. This year is Terror in the Graveyard! See some of the effects here


Concessions and Terror gift items available.